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 The economy has been tanking. Everyone has had to learn to scrimp and save. But there are somethings you cannot do without. Transport! And to keep your wheels legal on the public roads, car insurance at an affordable price.

Where to find affordable auto insurance? This search engine gives you the perfect answer. This is a completely free service. You can run as many searches as you want with different vehicles and terms. When you are tracking down the best deal, you need all the information you can get. This site gives you access to all the top insurance companies selling policies in your state. Just fill in the questionnaire and back come the quotes. Read more about our service

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Car insurance 101

All insurance companies run a points system for deciding whether to offer you a policy and at what price. The mix of factors and their weighting is different from company to company but the basics are simple:

  • where you live;
  • who you are: and
  • what vehicle you drive.

Although it's unfair to rely heavily on zip codes, there are more thefts and vandalism in some areas than others. There are "accident blackspots". Just as you cannot tell other people how to drive, you have no control over your age and gender. But it's a statistical fact that young or inexperienced drivers are involved in more accidents than experienced drivers. The choice of vehicle to drive is the only factor completely under your control. Using a site like this to get quotes can quickly give you a ranking order for the high-performance, car-jacking favorites, and prove that the gentle family compacts really are cheaper to insure.

If you are playing the game of getting cheap auto insurance, it all comes down to driving safely to build up a no-claims record. Avoid tickets and choose a low ranking vehicle to drive. Then shop around using this site to get as many quotes as possible from all the top companies. That way, you can find the best deal.